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About VBNF

VBNF is a multicultural business network group that helps entrepreneurs grow by giving them the opportunity to network and present their business live and online. The make up of our members and contacts are: 85% local Canadian, 12% Chinese and the rest are Asean Group business leaders. We have strong connection with community leaders from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia Philippines, Pakistan, Korea, Japan and other Asean Groups in Vancouver. We use different languages for our videos which we find the most effective way to reach our audience.

We have strong connections with China and most of the Asian countries. We work with our contacts in China to market your business and products there if you would like to expand your market into China or would like to find a partner who will produce your products at a lower labour rate. The manufacturing industry is very strong and they can produce high quality products as specified by you. We also have partners in China who can help monitor the quality and provide supports so you don't have to travel there. With the latest Internet technologies, we can also do remote diagnostic or video conference without the need to be there in person.

From time to time, we will entertain Chinese delegates who come to Canada to learn about new technologies and market so to keep up with the western world. At the same time, they also look for business partners who they can bring into China. China and some of the South East Asian countries are growing. they have the manpower and we have the new technologies. By working together, we can bring more business on the table. Many of us in Canada wants to look for low cost products from China but don't know how and who to talk to. Others wants to bring their products into China and other countries to increase their market share. Again, they failed to find the right partners. In China and Asia, people there want to work with people they can trust and so are you. Once the trust is established, they will bring you endless business. Let's help you grow.

We also use online video to promote our members and sponsors on our Newsletters which has direct links to go to their video we made and to their website. We believe in direct Email marketing which is the most cost effective and environmental friendly. Contacts we sent to are business people we have met and connected with. Many are corporate members who has branches at different locations and cities. We belive direct email marketing is the most cost effective way to promote your business. We expect our mailing list will grow with our new website, which is bi-lingual with English and Chinese. We will add other languages later if we find it feasible.

VBNF is a technological driven company. We use hi-tech to support what we do. Let us help you expand your market by making the connection you have been looking for. Partner with us. We understand how you do business. Let our professionals help you communicate with the counterpart the way they understand and used to. Our experts will translate your document the proper way.

Please check out highlights from our websites:
  • VBNF Newsletters:, Please read the latest newsletters to see how we promote our members and sponsors. Learn about the people we work with. See who have visited Canada from China and the people we meet in China during our business trade mission to China.
  • VBNF Videos:, We have made videos for different categories and events. Check out the people who we interviewed and learn about what they say.
  • VBNF new website (Preview Only, working but not officially released yet): . Please use the latest browser to view.

    Our other team at CMY Designs can produce marketing material and Chinese Translation if needed.

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