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VBNF is the best multicultural business network group in Metro Vancouver. Our connections cover mostly the Greater Vancouver Regional District with the rest from around the world. Our newsletters go to over 10,000 (and growing) business owners, managers and professionals, who are seeking our timely and vital information to help their businesses succeed. These business professionals need your products and services to grow and succeed. VBNF Classifieds is the most effective and FREE marketing tool for any businesses from the US and Canada to advertise any of their services and products. We are unique that we also include Chinese language separately for posting of Ads. We are multi-cultural and we can add new languages as needed.

According to a BC business survey, 98 percent of businesses are small business (meaning 50 or fewer employees), and 80 percent are micro-businesses (meaning 5 or fewer employees). These are our loyal readers and your future customers. Each year more than 25,000 new businesses register in Metro Vancouver (and more than 35,000 across BC). At VBNF, we believe in Green and environmental friendly technology. As such, we do not want to use printed media for marketing and promotions. In stead, we would use Direct Email marketing method to send your promotional information right to the home or the handheld devices of our contacts and members. We believe that we should market by reaching out directly to our contacts home or hand, in stead of waiting for them to open the newspaper or magazine to read your Ad. We want to get away of printing, which uses chemicals and trees that would harm our environment. Your Ad can also link directly to your website. If needed, we can send your video Ad to our contacts for greater exposure of you and your products.

9 reasons why we should advertise with VBNF:
1. 68% of our readers are business owners - 88% make purchasing decisions.
2. 44 % of our readers are female, a successful and growing part of the entrepreneurial market.
3. VBNF started in 2005; we have help delivered consistent value for its advertisers for more than 4 years.
4. We can help you deliver your weekly or monthly specials to the home of our readers.
5. Over 60 percent plan to make personal purchases in investment in the next 12 months.
6. Almost every second reader plans to spend money on financial services and insurance in the next 12 months.
7. More than every second reader plans to invest in professional education, and 60 percent in personal development in the next 12 months.
8. Your ad will be run for at least three full months, making it more affordable with a higher return on investment.
9. Our business network covers a wide variety of businesses that would cover all your needs for your home use, business applications, investment needs and money saving information.

Sponsors Advertisement
VBNF welcomes sponsor advertisements so you will be outstanding from the ocean of FREE ads. Sponsor Advertisement will be them most effective way to show your product and service at the top of the list with attractive graphics and even video. We will also connect your Website with your Ad. so your potential customers can find out more about your company and products.

Please contact us for Ad sizes and specifiction.


Axiom Capital Inc.

Murch Tech

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