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Job Opportunities

VBNF works with our member companies to hire skilled workers to help them expand their companies in Canada and other countries. Anyone interested can email their resume to Only qualified people will be contacted. We are also happy to work with Immigration consultants who may have qualified skill worker from other countries who can also speak good English. Again, please contact us for details.

Hiring Skilled Workers from China to enhance your Business

VBNF works with Canadian manufacturers who would like to expand their market and business in China. Everybody knows that the Chinese market is huge. Some want to export products there and some want to find a business partner there to work together.

We believe the second choice would be a better one. The reason is that it is far more complicated to set up your own business in China without the proper resources and local knowledge of the market. Many Canadian CEOs would like to do the way they are used to without understanding the real needs in the China Market. This makes it very hard to find a partner to work with if the Canadians only want to do the way they know.

My Chinese partner who helped set up business for the Canadian companies always had to remind the Canadian CEOs to listen to the people they would like to work with. After all, when we talk big here in Canada, it could only mean a drop in the bucket in China as the China market is many times bigger than here. Many large corporations here do not even match a medium size company there in terms to production and market value. Without the proper respect and understanding, the Canadians will not be able to make the connection. This is why we are here to help.

One of the best ways to start is to hire experts from China who has the skill set you need in the China market. All a sudden, you are now able to recruit the best person in the industry you want and have them work for you to give you the know how in China. At the same time, you are also giving the employee the chance to live in our free country that they can use their contacts to make money for you and themselves. What a win-win situation. You now lower your cost of setting up the company there, have an expert who knows the market to work for you.

Making the right contact is hard enough since nobody knows you or your company. Even they know of your company, it is at their discretion to deal with you and not the other way.

VBNF is just doing that to help you take your business to China. We can help you locate the professionals you need. Contact us for more details.

Volunteer Opportunity

VBNF is looking for a part-time volunteer (3-4 days per week) for Summer. Applicants must have a formal PR education, strong writing skills and be fleunt in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint). Please send resume and writing samples to Only qualified candidates will be contacted for inteview. A writing/computer skills assesesment may be requested.

Volunteer Benefits - Gain Canadian working experience and create the opportunities to network with potential employers and learn about many business opportunities. Open your mind to take what you can get.

MERX Canadian Public Tenders

Service Canada provides much information for small and Medium business owners to learn about their services. They also post many of their jobs for bidding. VBNF will work with them to bring their news and events to you. Stay tune for their events.


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