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The BCTF Strike Action

BCTF-Fiction Vs. BC Government-FactSee PDF by Rob Howard, MLA, Richmond Centre .

Graham Montessori School - I say it is the best pre-school and kindergarten in New Westminster.

Education should start early for our children. A good school will teach the kids to gain interest in learning, cooperation and have fun with discipline. If they are trained to gain interest on whatever they learn, I can assure you they can do well for the rest of the schooling.

Learning is something when the kid wants to do. Not something you can force them to. You can only retain your learning if you are interested in the topic or subject. If you are not interested, you will never understand and learn what you are told.

Many parents did not understand that. Many tried to teach the kids whether they like it or not. The key for learning is to help the children build up the interest to learn and understand about the subject. Graham Montessori School is just doing that. I remember my child was so excited to tell me about her new school after the first day. Mind you, she did go to other famous schools in New Westminster and she did not like them.

Graham Montessori School is one of the best kindergarten in New West that I have known.

We put our little one there after we went through a few so-call popular ones in New Westminster and Burnaby. Other schools have lots of publicity (they advertise a lot on what they will do) but do not deliver in my opinion. Their tuition are much higher than most schools even they provide food at the school. The bottom line is, the kids are not learning what they have promised. We know. We were there.

We were very happy to find Graham Montessori School in New Westminster. I know the principal there very well now. She is from Russia and all her life is about only one thing, to educate her students to be the best.

Our child joined the school when she was 3 years old. Now she is five years old and her progress exceed most other students that we know from other schools. She now can read books from Grade 1 and 2. She learned French, sing and dance and is not afraid to perform in front of large audience. She did a solo ballet at her graduation party without any fear. One of her friends is about 2 months older than her and her reading ability is at Grade 3 level and so is her Math. She can add up to 3 digit numbers. Well she is a little bit extraordinary I may say. But nevertheless, they were not the only ones who can read and do math well. Most of the students there were doing very well.

One thing to note is that Graham Montessori School is a multi-cultural school with students from Russia, Europe and Asia. Many of the new students are new immigrants who did not know how to speak English. After one year in school, they are able to speak proper English without any accent. I wish I had gone through a school like that when I was in Hong Kong.

Ms Olga is the principal who works very hard managing 3 schools now, 2 in New Westminster and 1 in East Burnaby. Their tuition is very reasonable. You can check it out by meeting with the student, the staffs and of course the Principal. Ms. Olga will be very happy to ask her student to demonstrate their ability. A little show and tell will help you understand why they are so successful.

For appointment, please call Ms. Olga at 778-397-0191.



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Education Business opportunities in China.

Education is a huge business in China. They all make good money. I said that in my last newsletter. Many schools in China would like to work with schools here in Canada to reduce the credit requirements for their students to obtain Canadian degree in shorter term. Educators in Vancouver should look closely of this opportunity to increase their profit and yet help our friends in China to learn more. Our Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day said it well at the 2009 Canada China Business Forum on Dec 22, 2009. Canada can help our friends in China to learn many skills from Canada. Now, how to do is for the educators to figure out. Some educational institutes have already established that. Have your city prepared for so you can benefit from this trend? You need help? All you have to do is ask. Who? VBNF has the answer.


Axiom Capital Inc.

Murch Tech

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