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Watch Latest Movies or TV Shows online for FREE

In case you did not know, you can watch the latest Chinese or other movies or shows from the Internet for FREE. In fact, YouTube has many shows or movies that you cannot find even if you want to pay for. The quality of the shows can be very good. Many of them are in high resolution and have better quality than from the regular TV channel. There are shows and movies in different languages including Korean, Japanese, and Thailand, Russian, French, Spanish and other European languages.

I love to watch foreign movies. This way, I can see more about other countries, their culture and their people. Different country has different culture. They can also be so different from things we do each day. They have different fashion, food, tradition, music, entertainment and most of all beautiful people. Very amazing indeed. I love it. In the movies, they can have different ways of expressing themselves. You can learn about their culture, the way they do things, their history and many other things.

I used to watch Japanese Swordsmen movies in my younger age. I was not able to find them anywhere in many video stores in many places (US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong ,Taiwan, etc). YouTube has them. Thanks to others who upload them on YouTube. Thanks for bring back good memories from the past. Thanks for putting things I have been looking for but could not buy from the stores.

For show listings,

See the show online or use Real player for download to computer to watch later. You can also download YouTube downloader software to save the files for later viewing.

When you find he show or movie, click on it to see the links to watch. When you move your cursor to the screen of the show, you can see Real Player download button on the screen. Click on the button, and then you will be able to save the file. When you point the cursor onto the screen, you may also see (not all shows are uploaded in YouTube) the YouTube logo on the bottom of the screen. Click on the logo you will see the show from YouTube.

Download Real Player here:

In fact most Chinese shows are on YouTube just you need to find the link from v.have8 as the links are not for public search.

Enjoy. Have a wonderful Canada Day.


Shaw Cable Channel 199 and Rogers Channel 819

Recently, Long Shong Times, one of the movie distributors bought the cable channels to run Chinese movies all day long 7/24. Most of the movies are in Cantonese. Each week, they will feature several movies. Surprisingly, some of the movies are quite new.

For more information, please go to:



Axiom Capital Inc.

Murch Tech

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