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VBNF Business and Investment Opportunities

With our growing network, VBNF is now helping our members and partners to provide many Business and Investment opportunities for our contacts in Canada and other countries.

We have business partners in Canada, China, Italy and other countries. Many of them are in business for a long time and we are very happy to work with them to bring business deals together.

Locally, we can help new immigrants to find good business opportunities to invest to satisfy the PNP program requirements

We took a look at the different immigration programs like: federal, other provincial programs, we believe the BC PNP program is the best one for its cost and processing time.

B C is a very beautiful province. I always tell people that Vancouver is the best city in the world to live. We have everything: Good weather, mountains and oceans, rivers, resources, food, TV, newspaper, freedom and most of all multi-cultural living in harmony.

When everything is right, that would help the economy. As such, investment opportunities are at the right time as the interest rate is low and the bank cannot give you much.

Alex Au-Yeung - President of VBNF

VBNF Investment Projects

  • Project Name: Urban Green Care Home

Location: Maple Ridge, BC
Investment: $8.6M
Proposed: build 265 Units + 32 beds
*Developmental Plan approved by the City.


  • Project Name: High rise Apartment Building

Location: New Westminster, BC (Atlas & Elliot)
Investment: $10M
Project time: 2 years.
Return on Investment: 25%


  • Project Name: 3 High rise Towers

Location: Surrey Central, BC, 104 Ave & Whalley Ring Road
Investment: $15M
Total number of Units: 340
Construction Time frame 1 year per tower.
Return on Investment: 50% to investor

* Steel and Concrete Built, Infill Panels, precast slab system, fireproof, and waterproof.


  • Project Name: Grand Forks East of Osoyoos

Investment: $5.5M
Development: Housing development and Winery
Return on Investment: Est. 25% each year until year 5, and 25% on-going net Profit.
Owner of Land retains 25% ownership
* This location is near to one of the largest Copper mines in B.C. owned by Grizzly Resources.


  • Project Name: Mandeville Food Distributor

Location: Richmond, BC

  • Project Name: Art & Nursery (Plants)


  • Project Name: Grocery Store (West Broadway)



Green Technology incentive in China

Tuesday, 9th Nov 2010

The Chinese Government encourages companies in China to do R&D products related to Green Technologies, Sustainable Living so they can produce products in China to improve the people’s living in China. They will provide a FREE Grant of $10,000 RMB on approved projects. This means companies in China who would bring in projects or product on Green tech or Sustainable Living from Canada or any other countries will get a head start from their government. Our partner in China will help them arrange the grant. The following list will show all the current opportunities available today. Good things go fast. Please contact us for availabilities and details.

Project List

Real Estate

A. Real Estate

1. Housing Development
2. Hotel Development
3. Land Development
4. Residential Housing (high end)
5. Land Banking

Mineral Mine

B. Mineral and Mine

1. B.C. Jade Mine


C. Green Tech

1. Organic Waste into Organic Fertilizer (good for PNP Immigration program)
2. Organic Fuel in Africa
3. FIRST system (Far Infra-Red Radiation Sustainable Thermal System)
4. Energy Saving Coating for Windows
5. Coating for external window or surfaces
6. Green House

D. Healthcare

1. Licensed Care Home


E. Hi-Tech

1. Electric Bike (in a brief case)


F. Farming

1. Chicken Farms (good for PNP Immigration program)


G. Oil and Gas

1. Gas Station (good for PNP Immigration program, already approved for 6 new immigrants)
2. Gas Bar , restaurant, Houses


H. Industrial

1. Hydraulic Components (high Quality) for heavy industry or mining companies.
2. Blade sharpening machinery
3. Metal Shop (Gutter machine shop) good for PNP Immigration program

Wood Products

I. Wood Products

1. Western Red cedar
2. Fir


J. Seafood

1. Seafood (Oyster and fish)


K. Military

1. FirstDefender RMX QinetiQ (Bomb Threat Solution)


L. Wine

1. Export Wine into China
2. U-Brew (good for PNP Immigration program)


M. Health

1. Coming Up

Sustainable Living

N. Sustainable Living

1. Coming Up

What Canada Needs

O. What Canada Needs

Many of the Canadian are conscious of the high energy bill and are pioneers for promoting green technologies. One of our developer friends builds Eco-homes using the latest technologies to reduce power consumption. For the housing development, he employs many energy saving equipments to building the house. While the new equipment are more expensive and add ed about 5 – 10% cost for the construction, the sales for eco home is even hotter than those do it the regular way. Here is a list of product he uses: Radiators in room, Solar panel, Hot Water Solar panel, Geo-Thermal system, Far Infra-Red Radiation system, Energy window coating to demonstrate the real Power savings in the building.

1. Low cost products for Green Technologies. (Wind Turbine, Solar Panel, Hot Water Solar Panel, Others.) – We will work with Chinese suppliers who can provide those products at a good price.

2. Good investment projects – As interest rate is still low and the stock market is volatile, people would like to invest in something more solid that can provide better growth for their money. If you have projects that can provide good return, please contact us for availabilities and details.

What China Needs

P. What China Needs

As a growing country, they need lots of resources to support the growth. VBNF receives requests from our friends and contacts form things they were looking for. In general, below is the list. If you have the source to provide, please contact us for availabilities and details.

1. Oil and Gas
2. Mineral and mine
3. Paper pulp
4. Wood Products
5. Green Technology
6. Waste Treatment Technology
7. Chicken Feet
8. R & D projects so they can produce in China for internal use or Export
9. Asphalt
10. Non-ferrous metal

If you are interested to learn more of the above opportunities, please contact us or call 604.422.8878 immediately. Good opportunities do not last long.


Flavours of Italy, Nov 18, 2010

Flavours of Italy, Nov 18, 2010

On behalf of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, VBNF is proud to invite you to join us celebrating the Flavours of Italy. At VBNF we will offer a $15 discount for the VBNF members and guests. This is the event you must attend. More


MABC Annual Deeparaya Celebration & Dinner

Date: November 20th (Saturday)

Come and join your fellow members and VIP guests. Buffet Dinner* Prize Draws* Entertainment* Raffle Draws

RSVP: mailto:mabccanada@gmail.comInformation or tickets: Call Dominic (Chairperson)
Mala (Co-Chairperson)
Gina 604-306-1956

Get Your Dream Car Now

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VBNF works with Auto Experts to help you buy your dream car at a better price. We can find any car you like and give you the quote you will not forget. Go do your shopping first, give us the exact specifications of the same quote from the other dealers (we have to be fair to compare apple to apple) and see how much we can save you money. More

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