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Groupon and others

Since the start of Groupon, many new companies are copying the concept and start sending good deals to its database of emails. While the concept is great, the consumer should be careful of what they are getting or not getting. I say this because, some companies will lower their price to get the cash to solve their cash flow problem and then disappear when you call them for service.

So, you are interested in a deal, make sure the company is not new and has been around for a number of years and the deal is just a way for them to advertise for more customers. In case, you don't know, the company offering the deal only gets half of the asking price as Groupon and other group will take up to 50% of the listed price as advertising fees. So in most cases, they are not making money unless is only services provided and there is no cost of goods involved. I have written articles on this before. Unfortunately, people who did not know about this bought something like cleaning services never did find the company for services.

Just in case this happen, you should go back to the advertising company for refund. Of course, they may do so if they can afford to save their reputation and business.

Anyway, I think the Groupon type companies are charging more than they should at 50% rate as their cost of running the business is not that much. Pretty soon, there will be a discount war and let the best service provider win.

Looking for Good Deals

While Groupon and others trying to find customer for you and charge you a healthy fee for the service, you can save money to find out discount offered by major companies from their own websites. VBNF Classified has just done that to give you all the mayor department stores the weekly flyers for discounts. No need to take the risk of spending the money and get no service.

Go to to see the discount now.
You can also add your company info there for free.


Using Video to Promote Your Business

Author: Beau Blackwell, ClickBank | September 25th, 2008
Posted by: Michael Poston, Product Manager

Now more than ever, users are accessing the Internet with high speed connections, which invites the use of rich media. SOHO (Small Office Home Office) businesses have discovered the following sure-fire ways Internet video can improve their customer experience:

Product Demonstration
For years, publishers have looked for ways to clearly demonstrate their product and articulate its value proposition. This exciting new media allows you to quickly go through the whole process, screen-by-screen, showing the product "in action," overcoming some of the limitations of words and pictures. Creating a video to demonstrate your product can be the tipping point that convinces a visitor to buy. For example, if you can show a technology-averse visitor that your product is easy enough for even a beginner to use, you’ll overcome one of their biggest objections to buying.

Confidence Building
Since the early days, when Internet purchasing was a new idea, customers have sided with companies they trust when making their purchases. Much of this decision is based on confidence, credibility, and being able to identify with the creator of the product/service. Video allows you to remove barriers by inspiring confidence and putting a personable face on the product, ultimately winning customer trust and closing more sales.

Problem Solving
Not only is it a good idea to use video to sell your product, but it will also pay dividends with customer service. For example, creating a video that walks customers through resolving a very common customer service request could save your organization money and time. Things that are difficult to describe with words and pictures are much easier to express in video format!

Marketing Materials
Lastly, if you upload product demonstration videos to YouTube or other video sites, affiliate marketers can use them to help promote your products by embedding them in their site, which will save you money on marketing. Publishers with products that can be easily demonstrated by video should start making videos available to their affiliate partners!

The time to wonder if video will change your business has passed; it is time to leverage this powerful new media!

Happy selling, friends!

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