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GET YOUR DREAM CAR NOW! Save about $1,000 on you new Car Purchase
VBNF works with Auto Experts to help you buy your dream car at a better price. We can find any car you like and give you the quote you will not forget. Go do your shopping first, give us the exact specifications of the same quote from the other dealers (we have to be fair to compare apple to apple) and see how much we can save you money.

If you need to buy a car here to bring back to China or other countries, we can arrange that too.

Why can we give better price? We do not advertise; do not have a show room, so we can save money for you. We only have experts that know cars that we can order directly from the factory.

> Select the Right Vehicle
> Obtain the Best Possible Price
> Determine the Best Payment Method
> Proper Tax Planning
> Maintenance and Repairing
> In Case of Emergency

For more information, please see attached flyer.

Don't forget to use the Referral Code: VBNF to get the discounts. Please call us to find the dream car for you. 604-422-8878

Growing Organic Basil at home with Sunpod
Basil is a flavourful, aromatic herb that is most often used in Italian dishes such as Pesto or prepared with fresh tomatoes and cheese. Basil likes warm garden temperatures and for us in the Pacific Northwest the season is mild but often not warm enough for basil to thrive without some protection.
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Website Designs for your business - FREE Business Card Design - a $300 value.
Let us design you website and logo and we will design your business card for FREE.
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Printings for your business
You need to print your brochure, catalogs, flyers, business cards, banners, etc. to promote your business but do not know who to go to for the best price. Well VBNF and CMY Designs can help you.
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FREE Classifieds
Post your own ad on VBNF Classifieds in English or Chinese for FREE.
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