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VBNF is going to the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28 - 30

Please join VBNF at the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit at the Sharaton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Richmond.

 Increase your customer base with the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. 


VBNF is going to the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28 - 30

There will be 18 speakers from around the world assisting hundreds of people to improve their marketing skills and help to make them marketing rockstars!

You will learn the most advanced online and off-line marketing techniques from speakers that are actually running their own multimillion dollar businesses and are hugely successful in their own right.

It's an exceptionally great price for a 3-day conference where you get to learn from the 18 top marketing and business experts. Plus, you will have time to network with over 500 business owners and entrepreneurs.


Regular price is $297, NOW YOU CAN SAVE $200 WITH Promo Code: VBNF

by going to the website at and choosing the Early Bird - General 3 Day Option with Promo Code: 'VBNF ' you'll get it only for $97 FOR 3 DAYS to learn how you can increase your customer base with the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. A MUST. See you there at our booth!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from the best so you can be the best.... and for only $97!

If you want to participate at the tradeshow with us, please contact us how to do. VBNF is there to help promote our members at a reduced cost.


VBNF Welcome new Staffs

VBNF is proud to add a few new staffs to our marketing team.

Robert Gagnon - B. Sc. With many years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Technical Support

Selena Guo - A Beautiful lady with Spa and health Experience. She is opening a new Spa at Yaletown in May. Look for the news on her new opening and become a VIP at the Spa.

Susanne Liu - Another beautiful lady who had years of experience is Sales, Marketing and MLM. She also develops housing in Vancouver and China. You can meet up with them at the Canada Marketing Summit Tradeshow.

More About VBNF Please join VBNF or Alex Au-Yeung at FaceBook at to see the latest up to Date information.


VBNF News and information are now posted on Facebook. vbnf

Please join us at Facebook to keep you informed of our events and news.

We found that it is very effective to post our news and information on Facebook. This cuts down the time to send direct emails out to our members and friends. Mass email takes time as we set our mailing to each individually. So if you have over 20,000 emails to send, it will take a while to send them out one by one.


VBNF will post our news at:

  • Facebook (2 accounts now (almost full). Will add a couple more. Please stay tuned
  • LinkedIn
  • Tweeters
  • Others

Since our monthly newsletters are well received by the audience, we believe we should post anything new online ASAP. It is much easier to catch up with us at Face Book, since things will be posted as soon as we can post them there. It is also much easier to upload any pictures or videos there and save the usage of our servers.

Cloud computing is the new way to go. You can be sure that it is much safer to put your data in the cloud than in your computer or Hard Drive. I know. My 4 years old computer died on me. Good thing I have them all backed up.

Have you backed up you computer lately. Don't forget. It can be very hairy. It still takes me a couple days to get back to normal.


Facebook is getting a little easier for me to use now. Yes. There is always a learning curve. No one likes to learn new tricks if they don't have to. It is time consuming and sometime cumbersome.

You can upload your pictures and videos there too. You find make friends quite easily if you can share things or info with them. I made a few new friends there too. Although, I don't know them well or know them at all. If you are careful of what you are doing and be alert there are bad people out there, do not share any private information to them until you know them better.

Do not trust everything you see. People can put other people's picture too. But that is ok. Long as you know the game.

The best is to be able to see the people in person. Then you get to know them better. I am en engineer by trade. I believe when I see the real thing.

VBNF is looking for Business partners for our Loyalty program.


Excellent news from the government.

Thank to Wai Young, MP for sharing this valuable information to us.

Know Your Rights: New Wireless Code - Our Government welcomes the CRTC's new wireless code because it puts consumers first - the code sets out your rights as consumers, and the responsibilities of wireless service providers. Canadians have expressed their concerns to the CRTC regarding frustrations with wireless contracts, fees, roaming charges, and other industry practices. The following changes make wireless contracts fairer and clearer for Canadians:

  • No Cancellation Fees after 2 years: You may cancel your contract after 2 years, even if you've agreed to it for a longer term. 
  • Limit on Data and Roaming Charges: Extra data charges and international data roaming charges are capped to prevent bill shock. 
  • Unlocked Cellphones: You can have your cellphone unlocked after 90 days, or immediately if you paid for the device in full.
  • Trial Period: You can return your cellphone within 15 days, without penalty, if you are unhappy with your service. 
  • Clear Language: Your contract and documents must be provided to you in plain language.

The wireless code comes into force December 2, 2013. To learn more: 

This means by December this year, we will e able to exercise our rights with the wireless services providers, no more hidden costs. Yeh! It is about time. Don't you think.


VBNF Newsletter Format will be changing

Instead of having a lengthy monthly Newsletter, VBNF will be sending short weekly news out whenever possible to cut down the wait time and increase promotion for our members who advertise with us. We are now working on the new format. Very likely a Blog that you can all read at any time and only on a specific topic so it is easier to follow. Is this better?


Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

vbnf vbnf vbnf

Thanks to many friends who wanted to join VBNF through these Social Media. Thanks also to my friends who endorsed me at LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn is very good to bring business people together, I am not sure when they are going to put a cap on the number of people you connected with before they start charging for a fee. So right now, I will accept most people who want to connect with me or VBNF if they are business indeed without any political bias. VBNF is not interested in Politics but do care about how it affects our life or business. If you have good product or programs that you would like to share with us, please do let us know by Contact Us.

While there can be restriction with these programs, you are always welcome to make direct connection by Contacting Us. This way, our conversation will be private and secure.

VBNF has two accounts at Facebook. The one associated with aay168 is now full (Over 5000) and the other one alexvbnf is also getting to its limit but still has room. Later I may have to open another one to let more people come.


SUCCESS Meet & Greet Tea

SUCCESS Meet & Greet Tea with new board members of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation, as well as our new Chief Executive Officer, Queenie Choo. Sept 28, 2012

VBNF was invited to join the meetup with the new CEO, Queenie Choo and the New Chair person, Christine Brodie of SUCCESS and other SUCCESS Foundation leaders, Clarence Cheng, CEO, Maggie Ip, Chairman, Veronic Chan, Borad Secretary and other directors.

Many community leaders were invited there. Fundraiser King, Sing Yeo and a few past Chair persons from SUCCESS were there to support the event. I call Mr. Yeo, King of Fundraiser for a good reason. I have not seen any man in Vancouver who dedicated so much his time in raising funding for many charity foundations in Vancouver. Not only he put in the time to organize the fundraising events, ask his friends to donate, he also donates money to lead the way. What a great guy. How does he have so much time to do all these work, amazing.

VBNF is also delighted to meet a few new and old friends at the meeting. We have Mr. Howe Lee, President Emeritus, Anita Kwong of Tzu chi, James Chu of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver and Paul Lee, President of Army, Navy and air Faorce Veteransin Canada, Xiao Jun Zhang of Canadian City Post and Cara Dong, UBC CSSA and many others.

I think it was great to have some new popular people in the new SUCCESS team. Christine Brodie is the better half of Mayor Malcolm Brodie of Richmond. She has great personality and a great network of VIPs. I am sure she will do an excellent job to improve the SUCCESS Operations. Since Queenie came from Alberta, I have not met her before. However, from SUCCESS announcement, she would be a great person to have since we need much support on Healthcare, Senior Care and other new Immigrant supports. I understand that SUCCESS has been very active in building Senior Housing facilities in Richmond and other locations. What I hope to see is that more Chinese senior retirement homes and Chinese Care Homes to be build in different locations in BC. I understand that the waiting time to get in the Chinese Care home is about 3 years. That is too much to wait. Many elderly Chinese patients are now living in other facilities since there is no other choice. They are not happy as they have to eat non Chinese food and do not know the language.

VBNF had made presentation at SUCCESS in Coquitlam. New Immigrants need to learn how to get jobs with some proper training. But most of all, we need to educate the Canadian companies to learn to hire new immigrants. We need to get the employers to get involved and trained, and understand the value of new skilled immigrants and help them get a job. New immigrants are more loyal than others, I believe. They would be so thankful for having a job with the company and they will work very hard and loyal to the employers. That is the culture. This is an area that may need to be addressed.

I think our government understands that and has lowered the English requirement for skilled workers to immigrate into Canada. Many employers want their new employees to have Canadian experience. However, what is the real value of Canadian experience? If they can learn what the new immigrant's experience, they may learn that the other may have better skill set than those from Canada. After all, new immigrants may not complain working late. They may work till the job is done; more responsible and loyal. I learned that from my own experience. Of course, there is always exceptions. No one can guarantee anything.

VBNF took some pictures at the meeting. Please view at:


VBNF is happy to be associated with a new business network group Canada Asia Pacific World Trade Association CAPWTA who has many contacts in China and our countries. We may form a trade delegate from Canada to visit a number of provinces in China in May. Contact us if you are interested. The goal of this trade mission is to help Canadian companies to promote their projects to the China investors and help them bring in their investments in Canada. At the same time, we can do sourcing on products that can be of lower cost to us in Canada. China has many good and low cost products that were doing very well locally. If you know Groupon and some other discount portals, they brought in low cost products from China and sell them all in one day prepaid.


VBNF Special Guests

Delegates from Jiangsu China

Delegates from Jiangsu China

A group of government officials were visiting Murchtech to see their new housing. They were impressed by the simplicity of the system and how easy to build a housing or building for many applications. VBNF will work with them to find the way to materialize the work.


VBNF offers business organizations an opportunity to explore how to create sustainable new business and growth by engaging in ventures with our First Nations.

Canadian Aboriginal & Asia Pacific Import & Export Trade Development Seminar & Workshop

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date: Friday, December 2, 2011 & Saturday, December 3, 2011
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 p.m. Daily
Place: The Maritime Labour Centre, Boardroom, #3-1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Free parking available.

 RSVP at: or Please Canadian Aboriginal & Asia Pacific Import & Export Trade Development Seminar & Workshop download the Complete Brochure and registration form.

**Note: "Only" participants who complete both days of this ground-breaking seminar and workshop will be considered as potential suppliers, business partners and/or purchasers of the resources, products and services that we will be making available.

VBNF Helps You Get Business with First Nations

Canada's First Nations possess land reserves totaling nearly three million hectares. This land base represents an economic asset that will make a major contribution to enhancing and advancing the quality of life and standard of living of First Nations people and communities throughout Canada.

Indeed, there has been an explosion of First Nations entrepreneurship on and off-reserve as First Nations have opened casinos, shopping centres, industrial parks, golf courses and residential developments; they own trust companies, airlines, trucking firms, fisheries, sawmills and oil wells.

There is a lot for us to learn about Canadian Aboriginal people, including their values, standards, constitutions and leadership competencies. VBNF is fortunate to work with Wineexs Business Development & Management (WBDM), a registered and leading 100% Canadian Aboriginal owned and operated company located at Vancouver, BC, to create new and viable business opportunities relating to natural resources such as fishing, forestry and mining.

As such, WBDM has set-up an inaugural 2-day import and export trade development seminar and workshop to teach others how to do business with First Nations. This ground-breaking seminar and workshop will bring together Aboriginal and Asia Pacific community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors who exemplify best practices in their particular field to collaborate on the development of a new and unified import and export trade model and business network. Any business people or groups that who would like to do business with First Nations should attend.

In the course, you will learn:

  • Who are the First Nations bands and organizations we are working with;
  • How they want to do business with you;
  • What kind of products and services are available;
  • What products and services they need;
  • When the products become available;
  • How to create business opportunities with First Nations; and,
  • Learn about the VBNF connections and investment opportunities.

Delegates Include:

  • Canadian Aboriginal community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors;
  • Asia-Pacific community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors;
  • Local, regional, provincial, national and international social and economic development, management, leadership and stewardship professionals; and,
  • Personal and professional development professionals.

Seminar Highlights Include:

  • Discover and learn about the ground-breaking H.O.W.A.R.T. Model;
  • Access invaluable, leading-edge technology, information and tools;
  • Learn about the advances in First Nations import and export trade;
  • Collaborate with Canadian Aboriginal and Asia-Pacific business leaders;
  • Contribute to the development of a new import and export trade model;
  • Meet and network with top business executives and industry professionals;

 RSVP at: or Please Canadian Aboriginal & Asia Pacific Import & Export Trade Development Seminar & Workshop download the Complete Brochure and registration form.


Consul General of PR of China, Vancouver says goodbye to the Chinese Community leaders

Consul General, Mr. Liang Shugen

Time flies when you are working hard. Our beloved Consul General, Mr. Liang Shugen is leaving Vancouver and going back to Beijing for a different job. Mr. Liang has been working as Consul General for the past 6 years with 3 years in Australia and then 3 years in Vancouver. According to him, this return to China will gave him a break from running businesses the other countries and be able to get back to recharge and learn more from the Central Government.

Having been a Consul General is not an easy job. Not only there are office works, there are many events and arrangements the consul office has to prepare and attend. Mr. Liang is a very busy man indeed. Not only he would attend invitations from the Chinese communities, he also has to attend events with delegates and government officials from China and other countries. Working late is a usual thing. Not eating well and no time to eat or relax is another thing. Forget weekends and holidays, most community functions are held when others are off from work or on holidays.

VBNF hopes Mr. Liang having a good trip back to China. Come visit us in Vancouver every once a while and stay healthy so he can help bring more business to Vancouver. Vancouver loves you.

See photo slides at the meet up.


Germany National Day Celebration Oct 3, 2011

Again, VBNF was invited to attend the celebration of the Germany National Day. Many special guests were there. Our friends, the Consul General of Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, Slovakia, Uganda, Pakistan, Thailand and Susan Anton, Harry Bloy were there to join the party. As usual, there were Germany beer and sausages to be served. It is a great gathering with many other guests from the Germany communities. Germany is one of the leaders in the E.U. Its decision with France to help bail out Greece makes it one of the great leaders in the world's economy. Thanks for doing that to stop the domino effect that can be devastating to the world economy.

Meeting with the Ambassador from Slovakia

VBNF has the pleasure meeting with the Ambassador of Slovakia who was here in Vancouver of meetings and conferencing from Ottawa. The meeting was set up by the Consul General of Slovakia of Vancouver so we can discuss business opportunities with Slovakia and adjacent countries. Slovak Republic was formerly part of Czechoslovakia and hence some older maps still refer to the now disbanded country. Slovakia is bordered by Poland to the North, Ukraine to the East, Hungary to the West and the Czech Republic to the North West. As of December 21, 2007 Slovakia becomes part of the Schengen area. This means that there will be no more border controls on European Union member state borders. The only remaining controlled border will be with the Ukraine.

There are many benefits to invest in Slovakia. Details can be found at the official website at

At the meeting, they expressed their interest in the low Income housing. We will develop further to find out the possibilities. Please stay tuned.

In the pictures, Left - Ambassador of Slovakia, His Excellency Milan Kollar (L) Consul General of Slovakia, Vancouver, Stanislav Lisiak (R); Right

Ambassador of Slovakia and Alex Au-Yeung (R)

VBNF welcomes Delegates from Jiangmen, of Kwantung ( or Guangdong) Province of China Sept 5, 2011

Thanks to CCBDA for arranging the meet up party with the delegates from Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province from China. We were so excited to meet with old friends who took great care of us when we went for a Trade mission to China in Nov. 2009. At the party we also meet up with Mr. Dang of the Consul General office of China, Vancouver, John Yap, MLA Richmond, Richard Lee, MLA Burnaby and Catherine Yuen, Principal Consultant of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Canada, Vancouver and many old friends who went to China during the 2009 tour.

Jiangmen has grown so fast and it became a city district from a town. Many manufacturing facilities are located in Jiangmen. One of the largest developments is the LED market. LED lighting saves energy consumption as well LED displays are very effective for outdoor large screen size. Otherwise the car industry is also very large as they produce lots of parts for the automobile industry.
Of course, there are many art and crafts products in Jiangmen too. We had a great time and got invitation to visit Jiangmen whenever we are ready to go.

Jiangmen has most of the production set up but will need high tech stuff to help them improve and increase efficiency and quality. VBNF will find out exactly what they need and source them out from Canada to bring the products there. They also are interested in seafood and wood logs from Canada. VBNF will surely work closely with them as we have the resources here in BC.

See photos from the event.

Murchtech gets lots of attention for their Low income housing

Murchtech has the new technology for low cost housing. They have gotten attention by Pakistan, Indian, Mexico, Africa, Poland, Italy, Philippines, USA, Iran, and local Canadian and the native. This does not include the fact they are already shipping to Chile and will be setting up a sales demo in Haiti for a new housing development there.

While the cost to build a durable house is low in cost, it also takes much less time to build with safety in mind. With its CST (Composite Steel Technology), it uses steel frame, non-flammable high density foam and ABS shell to build. Each wall panel can be easily mounted together to form the housing that can protect people from the earthquake, tornado or flooding. With 20 years warranty, it is almost maintenance free.

Many Canadian families are buying the small units, a 10' x 10' home to put in their backyard for the youngster to live on their own or renting it out for a few hundred dollars a month. The investment is low, less than $15,000. Murchtech can also arrange to lease the unit at a fraction of the monthly rental cost. The net result is a few hundred dollars of net income. A laneway home like this has all the facilities needed: Shower, Toilet, and sink; kitchen and appliances (fridge, stool and sink). All together less than $15,000. Can sleep for 4 people. Don't believe it, come to Murchtech to check it out. Please call 604-422-8878 for appointment. Murchtech is located on 12320 88th Ave., Surrey by Scott Road. (88th Ave and Nordel Way share the same road because Scott Road is the boundary between North Delta and Surrey. )

As Murchtech has one of the newest technologies, its product will not only be for residential housing. One of its biggest applications would be temporary housing for the mining industry as it can last much longer than other trailer homes. Murchtech housing can be portable like the trailer home but with great insulation and strong frames that can last much longer. If needed, these houses can be moved by wheels or taken apart for storage or for shipping to another location.

Murchtech is also looking for distributors in other countries. Interested parties can contact for more details. See the products at .

Murchtech meets with the Mexican Trade Commissioners

Murchtech meets with business friends from Egypt and Rwanda

Chinese delegates visited Murchtech to see its low cost housing that can provide safety from Earthquake and Tornados.

Adheer uses Murchtech for guard house - A transportation company located in Delta, B.C. used Murchtech for their guard housing that manages the traffic flow of their trucks. The unit is raised up a couple feet to match the height of the truck windows. Can you believe that this unit has bathroom with shower?

A 10' x 10' Laneway home that can sleep up to 4 people. This is like a half size loft bedroom on the top level.

Adheer Transportation in Delta. Size: 20' x 10' with patio on both side 4' x 10' each.

VBNF says goodbye to the Malaysian Consul General

Thanks to Gina Hanson, who organized the farewell party for the Consul General of Malaysia. Special guests are the Consul General of Thailand and the Consul General of Philippines. Many Asean social groups were there to say goodbye.

We should learn from the Japanese earthquake the way the Japanese handle the situation

This is a try to translate what I got from my friend from China. I think we need to examine our educational system and learn from the Japanese experience on how we should deal with unexpected disasters. This is something Japanese should be proud of themselves and that is something we all should learn. We should learn how the Japanese teach our children and how they are so un-selfishly handle big disaster like that with dignity and without fear. Read More

VBNF went touring with the Coast and Mountains on March 17, 2011

Thanks to Alisa Choi Darcy, President of Quoteendquote, cross-cultural strategy Inc., who invited many of the media and VIP to join a one day tour to visit Fort Langley and the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It was a sunny day and we were gathering at the Pacific Center to take the tour bus to Fort Langley as our first stop via North Vancouver. Read More

VBNF welcomes delegates from Yunnan Province Jan 17, 2011

delegates from Yunnan Province Jan 17, 2011

VBNF arranged a meeting with the delegates from Kunming, that is one of the largest cities in the Southern part of China to visit Environment Canada to learn about the meteorological technology and management experiences in Canada.

The delegate of 6 was leaded by Mr. Yang Wen, acting Chief Kunming Meteorological Bureau, Kunming, China.

To our appreciation, we would like to thank Miss Jill Webber Hrabinsky, Senior Communications Advisor, who made the arrangement for the meeting and presentation in short notice. We would also like to thank Mr. David Jones, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, who did the presentation and taught us of the functions at Environment Canada.

I think this is a good educational experience for all of us to learn what Environment Canada do and how they help to keep us safe in severe weather conditions and get ourselves prepared for.

According to our visitors for China, some of the systems we use in Canada are more advanced. However, the function Environment Canada in Vancouver carries is lesser than what they have to do in China. Perhaps, this is a difference in policies and financial support by the government. I also learned that it needs special training to be a meteorologist and that takes about 2 years special training in the department. We also found that the number of meteorologists in Canada is far less than those in China. Not sure if we are highly efficient or under staff here. Interesting to find out.

Here is the photo show from the event.

Internet Scam

More Spam Awareness

Real Samples of Spam from Your Email

Case 1: I received another email from G Team as follow:

You need to Verify your Google Mail Account to avoid it being shut down.We are having problems by Google Mailing system. Some Accounts have not being vistied for along period of time by their owners .Please help us with the verification process by filling out the details below so as to make a correspondence with your details saved in our data base.

Username :


Present Country :


Your Email Address will be deleted Automatically and you will not have access to your email account after 48hours if you failed to provide the details above. We need you to bear with us so that we can give you best of our service and your account can be properly secured.

Gmail Registration Services®.

VBNF Note: Gmail will never send anything like this to you like a regular letter without the proper logo and branding.

See the typing errors in the letter then you know it is not done by a professional.

Do not ever reply and give your email address and password even if it looks like an official letter from a well known company. They just never do that.  Why do they care if your account is used or not used? It is just storage space that is cheap. Spending time to email you and other millions, who is paying for the work?

Case 2: Invitation to Fanbox

I got an invitation from a friend who would like to invite me to join his social network group at Fanbox. I don't know how they know my contacts but definitely I know my friend would not join.

See the email. Is it familiar with you?

Xxxxx xxxxx <>
To (your email address)


Axiom Capital Inc.

Murch Tech

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