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VBNF Services

VBNF offers a number of services to help our clients and members with their businesses. We offer the following services:

1. VBNF Membership – we work together with our members in a family manner. Once you become a VBNF member, you will have priority treatment for your needs. You will also receive membership discount for services we provide.

2. Graphics Designs – Our sister company, CMY Designs will help you design the graphics you need for your business. Our European like designs won us 3 times award at open competition.

3. Video Recording – VBNF offers low cost and effective video services to you to help you talk face to face with our contacts and members. A picture is better than a thousand words. A video is better than a thousand pictures. With sight and sound of your true image, you can deliver lock out message to our clients and yours. Call us for our video offering.

4. Advertisement on our Newsletters and Website – We send newsletters to over 13,000 contacts in Vancouver and other countries. Our network of contacts can be in China, Asean countries and other continents. The world is getting much smaller with the Internet. You are only one click away from our clients.

5. Free Advertisement – Free advertisement from our popular FREE Classifieds site. Go to to add your ad. there for FREE. This website has two languages: English and Chinese. It covers both Canada and US. Check it out.

6. Website Designs – CMY Designs builds website with functions and SEO so your potential clients can find you. Our award wining artist will design the logo of your dream that is easy to remember with meanings related to your business. What can you say about our VBNF logo?

7. Invitation Letters – VBNF writes invitation letters to Business and Trade Delegates to visit Canada. We can also arrange business meetings to help you contact the right people you are looking for. VBNF can also arrange for you to meet with the people you are looking for. Our network is large and we are likely to connect you with the right people.

8. Business Matching – VBNF has strong connection with China and other Asean countries. We can help you source buyers, investors, or products to bring in to Canada to lower the costs. At the same time, we also help our friends outside Canada to find buyers, investors for their products or services. You have a good idea, product and want to find investors or partners, please let us know. We have a team of professionals to help you. Our services include: Translation, Interpretation, Advertisement design, documentations, business plans, negotiations and facilitation. We have professionals from different areas to help you.

9. Trade Mission – VBNF organizes Trade Missions to bring you to meet with the right contacts for your needs. We can help you facilitate meetings, interpret the conversations, translate the documents and even video tape any training materials; and even negotiate for you with the potential partners or buyers. Through VBNF, you will get the best deal in a Win-Win situation with your clients and partners.

10. Professional Services – All services are provided under a group for professionals in our team.


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